Sunday, June 16, 2013

Do you Hulu?

Hulu made an appearance in our home in December when we moved into a new apartment. We bought a Roku and began subscribing to begin our watching! At first were a bit disappointed to give up DirecTV, but we quickly realized we could watch TV for hours! On that note, here's my top ten reasons Hulu is not to be missed!  

1. Cost
This subscription service is EXTREMELY low cost. It's a whole whopping $7.99 a month an you can cancel at any time! no contract! The best part is gift certificates are available and make great gifts for prevent from family!

2. Fun shows
There really is so much out there to entertain us, but Hulu offers a great backlog of full seasons of so many shows. It also allows you to discover new shows that can offer a ton of variety and fun. Here's some favorites that are sure to entertain:

3. Pausing TV
One of the modern conveniences while watching TV is to be able to pause while watching! Along with satellite providers, Hulu makes this possible as well! Watching TV shows in segments is possible with this feature! It also helps people like me who may only have 15 minutes to watch a show and then more time later! I often watch a little and then come back and watch the rest of the show later!

4. Minimal commercials
Now here's the thing, ALL commercials are annoying, but with recorded TV you have to fast forward through them which takes as much time as watching 2-3 short commercial breaks. This actually means I can get up and go grab a snack, take a potty break, or check my email real quick during the commercial breaks instead of holding the remote to zoom past all the commercials. It's nice to have a breather instead of having to be glued to the remote!

5. New shows
Hulu has truly introduced me to some shows that I don't think I would have found without it! Here are some of my finds that I have enjoyed:

Insert clips of hot in Cleveland, ready for love and save me.

Another I have watched that i can't find a good clip for is Ready For Love, Mistresses, and many others! Check 'em out on Hulu! 

6. New interface
The interface on Hulu recently changed and I LOVE IT! It has so many new features and it is organized in a much better way! Previously it was difficult to figure out what shows had been viewed and which shows were or were not in queue. Now there are progress bars on the little images for each episode and it is organized by movies, TV shows, previews, and clips. There's even a section of recommended shows and shows that you watch! It's so nice to know hulu knows me!

7. Continuous play back
This feature is great, especially when marathoning shows! I used to be frustrated with the fact that I'd have to put whatever I was doing down to start the next show (especially if I was playing a bunch of episodes in the background!). Now, there's continuous playback, which starts the next episode when the one you are watching ends! But don't worry, if you don't want to have this feature, it is easily turned off!

8. Watch on several devices
This is quite common these days, but you can watch on you computer, phone, smart tv, Apple TV, Roku, or tablet! It's really quite convenient and I imagine would be great for vacations, entertaining children, and taking entertainment really anywhere with you!

9. Watch old favorites
The show Cheers has been off the air for quite sometime, but with Hulu, you can catch up, replay or even start watching the show from the beginning. And the best part is that Cheers is not the only show that this is possible for! There's a whole bunch! Summers don't have to be so boring and folding laundry with the TV on can be made fun again!

10. Recommended shows
I mentioned this above, but it truly is a great part of Hulu! I am so glad that Hulu suggests shows based on your watching practices before! I have found several shows is way recently and I love catching one that I really wouldn't have found without the recommendation! Try it, you may like it!

If you are a Hulu subscriber, what do you like/love about the service? What shows do you marathon?

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post! I wrote this because i have become a true fan of Hulu! I do enjoy using it and know that many people have contemplated signing up and ditching the huge cable bills! Eventually, my hubs and i will make our way back to the huge bill just so we can watch sports again! We do miss a good baseball game on every night!