Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Easy Capr-easy!

Volunteering to bring snack to our Saturday 5 pm service at church has helped me to think outside the box for appetizers. 

The rules:
  • Must be edible by hands only. No forks allowed!
  • I rotate months with another lady - she does the protein and the fruit one month and then I do the sweet and the veggie! Then we switch the next month! 
  • Also, i try to keep it pretty low budget ($30-$40)
  • I make one item and buy and already prepared item for the other. 

So this month I had the opportunity to come up with something for the protein! 
Here's what I came up with:

Here's what you will need if you'd like to attempt this yummy snack:
-1 container of grape tomatoes, try to pick smaller tomatoes
-1 package slice provolone
-1 package fresh basil
-Sliced deli meat (salami, ham, turnkey, whatever!)
-Balsamic Glaze 
The Steps:
-Begin by gathering all ingredients and begin to create an assembly line. 
-Wash and dry the fresh basil
-Cut the sliced cheese in to square or rectangular shapes
-If the meat you have chosen is larger slices than salami, you will need to cut them down to similar sizes as the cheese. 
-Spot the cheese pieces with a dab of balsamic glaze. 
-Begin assembling on the toothpick by starting with the tomato. 
-Then stack the other ingredients before putting them under the tomato. 
-Make sure all items are securely on the toothpick and then continue until your tomatoes are gone! 

If you are slow to get to the table, they will be gone! 
Another fair warning, if you choose larger tomatoes you will have quite the mouthful! 
Let me know if you give these a try!