Monday, June 3, 2013

Mish Mash Emotions

Ugh enough with my radio silence! This week there will def be some time to get back to blogging! This girls has had some pretty interesting weeks! And it seems now that I'm craving blogging rather than wanting to just curl up on the couch! 

So here's my currently for June!

- Lots of craziness in my head right now! From issues with buying a home to how much my laundry needs to be done, to how long it will take me to complete the end of the year tasks, to whether we should buy a house now or wait... or ...geez so much running through this noggin! (There's more thn what i have mentioned, but you get the picture!)
- Yep, 1.5 days! Then Mondaywe begin our summer school program. Six weeks and then a 5 week BREAK!!!! CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!!! 
-I think my emotional state has been directly related to this house hunt! I have not lost hope and nor has my husband, but it is definitely taking its toll. 
-See above explanation. If any of you can find a house with those specifications in Orange County in our price range, then I would be more than happy to look at the place! Hopping and praying! Oh and fingers crossed too! 
-With all this saving for a house, a vacation has been on the back burner  But I'm tellin' ya, a weekend or even a one night getaway would do the trick for sure! My hubby and I truly love to travel and it has been wayyyyyy toooooo long! 
-And my essentials for travel:
A good book ... maybe like this one:
Opinions welcome!
My cell phone to communicate with those i love and care for. 
And my iPad, cause I love that thing and it is so useful in so many ways! 

That sums up this moment, for sure! 
Such a mish mash of emotions today. 
Hope you enjoyed! 

See ya manana! Off to follow the rule of 3!