Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Thursday: Photo Dump!

I'm back, so, that means I'm back to participating in the Random Thursday link up! 

Topic for the day:

Ok are you ready for this ... these pics go back a ways! 

I loved the card i gave to my mom for mother's day!

Sitting in a box suite at the Angel game! Thanks to my hubby's job!

A hike to Holy Jim Falls with these friends... see the little one passed out?

The falls weren't much, but it sure was a cool hike!

A bird flew into my classroom a few weeks ago! He's pledging allegiance! 

A Memorial day weekend brew-ski at a new restaurant that we tried! 
 It's called Memphis! And the food was good! 

Another Memorial Day weekend activity: We went and looked for a couch. Here are some fabric samples. 

The kitty must be a part of a good photo dump!

 New shampoo to help my awful scalp! A post on this stuff is coming soon! 
 This girl... love her! 

Hope you enojoyed my photo dump! that was a ton! And might I add that this topic was perfectly timed for me! 

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