Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finally Thursday

It's FINALLY actually THURSDAY! 
(It has felt like Thursday to me for the last 2 mornings!)

This week's topic for Random Thursday:

First things first, I am interpretting this to mean a deserted island - meaning one with no civilization on it rather than an island with the terrain of a desert. Next, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by technology lately. I blame it on the house hunt! So I made a rule for myself: none of these items could require plugging in to a wall. 

With that said, I still got stuck a bit. I then asked hubs what her thought. So today you are getting not just my items, but also his items. Should throw a new twist on the weekly randomness! 

My 5 Items:

1. A really long good book! - after all, who wouldn't like to read on some beach where there is 

2. A really big warm blanket. - its bound to get a little chilly right? 

3. Hubby and Lily - he's one item i personally like to keep around and Lily is just too cute to leave behind!  

4. A knife - because it will never run out of bullets and will probably come in handy when i get snacky! 

5. Magnesium fire starter - to start a fire to cook the meat that i so barbarically kill! 

And now for hubby's 5 items...

1. Wife
2. Lily
3. Knife
4. Bow and arrow set
5. Magnesium fire starter

My husband definitely would be hunting, maybe with Lily at his side! While i would be curled up with a blanket and a book by the fire! And yes, he told me about the magnesium fire starter, which i added to the list in case he didnt get to bring 5 items. he he! 

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you're meaghan me crazy

Hope you all have a great Thursday!