Friday, March 30, 2012

It's my weekly HIGH FIVE!

It's Friday again! 
Time to link up with my HIGH FIVE! 

I love that parent teacher conferences are all done and phew.... glad those are over! Also, five school days to go until my wonderful SPRING BREAK!!! 

The nutella cookies I made this week were pretty delish! Here's what they looked like before they were eaten and here's where I found the recipe! (Turns out my original Pinterest pin was a joke! Yuck!)

Tomorrow my church is hosting a Dump Run - basically we (well not me, but teams of Terra Novans) are picking up junk as a free service to people. Trying to spread the love! I get to help make breakfast for all the teams going out tomorrow! Here's some pictures of the First Annual Dump Run from last year! 

Baseball Season begins this week!!! Woo hoo! Opening day is Thursday and I am way stoked about htis. It will be awesome to watch baseball and even just to have it on in the background!!! Can't wait for the season to get going and see how the Angels will do! 

This weekend we get to hang out with our Life Group friends and go BOWLING!!!! Awesome! Can't wait! 

So that's my five. What are yor five favorites this week? Are you looking forward to something? 
Please do share! Let me know you stopped by! (You all know i LOVE comments right??!?!)

BTW I was TAGGED! I get to share more about that tomorrow! Thanks to Beverly @ la, la, Love, Learn and Laugh! Can't wait to respond to her questions and tag a few of my favorite blogs!