Thursday, March 1, 2012

About the Bees

Alright this review is LONG over due! 

Let me begin by saying that I have icky allergies and my interest in local bees products began a long time ago. I read/heard somewhere that local honey can help out with allergies because the bees gather pollen in the area and the more you consume, the more it can help you to build a tolerance to that same pollen that might be what you are breathing. The trick is to find the local honey. 
Well, about a year and a half ago a friend and I went to an indie crafts fair called "Patchwork" (here's the link if you live in the LA/Orange County area. Basically, this is a fair with a bunch of local artisans. Most items are handmade or semi-handmade. So, when i saw the honey at the "Backyard Bees" booth i was enticed. I then began talking to the kind woman behind he counter and found out the hives are all local hives in the cities of Orange, Tustin, or Santa Ana. This hit the jackpot for me. I bought the honey and think it has been great! However, I don't consume it enough to have it really affect my allergies. Thank goodness for Claritin! 
I have also fallen in love with their night creams, body balm, and lip dew. I really like the prairie grass scent and have come to like the citrus one as well. I love the product and typically use the lip dew on most days. I enjoy the refreshing scents and how all the products feel so natural. My one complaint is that there isn't more to buy! I think i have one of everything and it takes me a while to get through it all. 

Anyway, if you want to learn more about their story, you can click here. But if not you can just visit their website or visit (for you Orange County Folk) visit the Whole Foods Market at The District Shopping Center. They now sell their honey! How awesome!