Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Help From My (Blogger) Friends

Alright my blogger friends, this one is for you. Its a bit of a hodge podge, but i have faith that you can help!!! 

My first Blogging Bit of Help is directed specifically to those of you who are teachers and who make units on TPT or TN. I have a few questions .... This is where I ask for a little help from my friends! I would really like to begin making units for my kiddos to share with YOU! I have somewhat of an idea of what i would like to do first but i need some guidance first. So here are some questions: 

1. Many people say they use PowerPoint. Is this the best? Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial on how to create units using PowerPoint? 

2. Where do u get ideas for games? I know there are so many games out there. And when i look on blogs and on TPT, there seems to be so many bright, adorable and well thought out games. Help! Where do i come up with this stuff? It feels like i have writers block already!

3. Also, where are some great spots to get graphics? Any good FREE ones? Just wondering if i have missed anything besides Just So Scrappy and Scrappin Doodles. 

So in addition to my first Bit of Blogger Help, I am also lost as to how to get sponsors and just want to explore that idea. I have truly enjoyed this bloggy world and cant wait to see how far it goes. I know i have a long ways to go and feel there is really no harm in asking for a bit of help! 

And just to be sure that I am clear with all my followers... 
You most certainly have 

ANYTHING from this BLOG! 
I am here to share - as long as it is done in good faith! 
While I am at it, please feel free to follow me on Pintererst as well! (The Lord knows how addicted we all are to this site... what's one more person to follow? I say the difference is a bunch of pins to love!) 
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Anywho, any help would be appreciated! I am loving this little blog of mine (even though it and I have struggled the last couple weeks) but still i press on! I hope you enjoy what you read each day!