Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arizona Trip in Review!

Our trip to Arizona was pretty fun, relaxing and entertaining! 
Every year my husband and I head to Arizona as a birthday treat! My husband and I have birthdays 11 days apart. For the record, yes I am the older one! 

So, our ride out was good. It only took us about five hours and I spent the entire time reading with the iPad on my lap. What was I reading? .... 
why BLOGS of course! 

 By the time we got into the Phoenix area we were starved and hubs had a chance to try out Five Guys for the first time! He loved it and even asked to go there again the next day, but alas we tried other non-CA places instead. (We have spots we go to every time we are in AZ!) Our first day then consisted of exploring the hotel grounds, resting and then ordering room service! (We had a scrumptious cheese plate with a bottle of wine that we had bought in Paso Robles!) 
Here I am in the hotel gift shop... trying on hats! 

On Friday morning, we woke up and headed over to US Egg. Both of us have eaten here before and enjoyed that there was no line! It was nice to sit down, eat and then head out! After a good meal we headed to the Dodgers v. Rangers game in Surprise, AZ. This field was nice. I liked that there was ample parking and no parking fees! (Not sure if this was cause it was a Friday!) Anyway, we enjoyed the game and especially enjoyed our seats! We were in the third row behind the on deck circle for the Dodgers. We had a great view of when players taking warm up swings and also to hear what they had to say. (Matt Kemp mentioned that a call took forever!) Don Mattingly and Joe Torre were right there too!!! So cool! 
After the game we headed to SUPER Target! This was a fun place to explore! After that we headed to our massages! This was a special treat provided my hubs' boss. They actually called up the hotel and gifted us with spa treatments! AWESOME! 

After all the relaxing it was time to head to a late dinner at Four Peaks! We love this place! I always order an Arizona Peach and enjoy every last drop! Hubs always wants pizza, and so pizza he got! We shared it and loved every bite! I wish that they distributed their beers to CA! Maybe someday! 
My Arizona Peach! Yum! 
After dinner it was back to the hotel... we relaxed and watched TV! It was great to just get away and relax! 

There's more to share.... but that's more for tomorrow!