Monday, March 26, 2012

Gone the Sun

Saturday = 3/10 = MY BIRTHDAY! Oh boy! Yep I turned 32! Wowie, zowie! 

So, on my birthday the plan was get up and head to the game to watch players warm up on the practice fields. Game time was 1pm and we got there by 11:30. We missed most of the warm ups but did get to see some catchers practice. This was so cool. We watched Ianetta and Conger practicing throwing to 2nd base. This was super cool! Have i said that it was cool enough??!?!? Anyway here's a shot of the line up for the day: 
We also noticed a huge amount of fans who were there. There was a huge increase in people as compared to years past. I think this might be for two reasons ....
1. Albert Pujols
2. There are only 2 Saturday home games for the Angels this spring training!
Check out the crowds! Oh yeah, and one of those guys in the dug out is Albert Pujols.
He didn't play that day , but he was in the dugout! 
The game was a ton of fun! It really was one where we sat on the edge of our seat quite a bit! Every time the Angels were in the lead the Giants seemed to tie it up. The Giants never seemed ot gain the lead and the though in my head is that this game would not be any sort of foreshadowing for the future of the season. (Angel fans should get this 2002 reference!) Anywho, the Angels won! Woo Hoo! That was a great birthday treat! 

*** Side note: I have forever stated that the Yankee's seem to "purchase" their wins/pennants. I am still maintaining this but yet i feel as though the Angels are seeking the same thing this season. I know the Angels have a shot, but my commentary is that i wish we could do it with homegrown talent and not by spending gobs of money to get wins. (This completely could be wrong, but I must say the team is lookin pretty!) 

Immediately after we headed to Mill Ave. and really had a yummy treat! This was my ice cream sandwich! OMG! 
This was from Cookiez on Mill Ave. See the what Yelpers have to say here
Salted Carmel homemade ice cream with homemade cookies! Oh GEEZ!
That night we headed out to get some BBQ at Bobby Q's .... this was a spot we found on yelp last year and really enjoyed it! I truly recommend the "Q Rolls" and i truly love their brisket! This was all around a GREAT birthday! I loved spending the day with my husband and enjoying a good game of baseball! There is no other way to spend a birthday in my opinion. 

The following day we hit the road, but not before a quick meal! This time i tried to find a place close to our hotel and well reviewed on Yelp. (What would i do without this app on my phone?!?) So we tried out Scramble and loved it! (I was a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures... no excuse but i happened to be starving!) The hubby and i both tried he 2 different scrambles that were on the menu. They were yummy! And the banana caramel pancakes awesome as well! Oh and don't forget the potatoes! Yum! (I think finding new spots while on vacation is half the fun!) Anyway read what Yelpers had to say here!

So we got on the road and only stopped to use the potty, change drivers, and get a look at the Pee Wee Herman Dinos! 

 The sun set as we passed through Palm Springs and alas we were sad to leave our trip behind but truly happy to sleep in our own bed! What a great trip, yet again!