Monday, March 5, 2012

A Pinterest To Do List

So Saturday night i set out in search of certain items to make a GREAT little trash can for the new ride! I of course had an idea in mind based on a Pinterest find. What looked terribly simple has definitely not been super simple as i had planned it to be. Either way, I have some leads to make what i would like and still use the idea... 

Along with this little idea I thought i would share some other Pinterest finds that i plan to make SOON!  Pinterest is awesome because we can have such quick and easy ways to store ideas that are just ready for us to use instantly. However, so many pins and still so many undone projects! So here are some on my list! (The first one is what I am going to base my little car trash can on!)

A Little Car Trash Container Covered in Fabric, so cute! The container part is proving to be the difficult aspect of this project! If you have any ideas on what can be used please feel free to comment on this post! Pinned HERE.
Yummy looking nutella cookies! Might be a snack for my life group! Pinned HERE.
Iced Tangerine Green Tea makes me thirsty!  Pinned HERE.
Flavored Water Recipes... gotta try at least one of these! They look so refreshing! Pinned HERE.
Homemade granola... looks delicious! Can't wait to try this! Pinned HERE
So those are the items on the To Do List that is always created by Pinterest finds! Love the site but sometimes it gets my creative juices flowing more than i have time for! 

Hope you had a fabulous Monday! 

PS. This little ol' blog received another award (or two!). I will share more about this tomorrow!