Sunday, March 4, 2012

Arizona Bound

In a week....

  • It will be the day after my birthday.
  • I will be 32 years young or old depending on how you see it. I think i am still young!
  • I will have had a great weekend with the Hubs in Arizona
  • I will be hoping that the hours will be longer rather than shorter so that work will not come so fast!
  • I will be joyous cause i will have seen the Angels play a great game on my birthday! I may even get to see Albert Pujols warm up! Oh boy! (There are other players i hope to see but i think the newly acquired player will just amp up my excitement for the season!)
  • I will have spent at least 10-12 hours total in the new car.... hopefully i will get to drive it a little. We will see!
  • I will be completely relaxed as we plan to sit by the pool on one of those days!

Basically, this is me keeping my eye on the prize. This week i took off Thursday and Friday and M-W will be a busy and hectic week trying to get all prepped and ready to go! Gotta make sure the plans are all set for the sub and my aides! Oh and I probably should straighten my desk for my guest.

This will be our weekend get away to celebrate both of our birthdays. We do this every year and I cannot wait every year! The anticipation is killing me already! Anyway, i hope you all have a great work week.... as for me my behind will be in Arizona on Thursday! Don't work too hard!