Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is How We Move

Many of you who have followed this blog knew that my hubby and I moved right before Christmas (three days before Christmas day to be exact!). I had quite the system and though i know many of you may not be moving, here's the system I used.

I figure you can just 
and save it for later use! 

I began scouring Pinterest and found a couple great resources: 

and this one was awesome!

Both of these pins really came in HANDY! 
The second pin (above) was where i started my whole organization process! 

I began by printing Shannon's freebie and then made a copy for each room. 
We made a packet for rooms like Living/Dining Room, Closet  Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, etc. Then I labeled each packet with a certain color label to color code the whole process. 


When we packed I would write down the contents of each box plus make two colored labels with the box number for each box. Each colored label also had the box number written down twice. I then placed each label on opposite corners of the box, essentially folding the label over the corner of the box. And then did it for the diagonal corner of the same box. The number of the box and colored label were visible no matter what side of the box you were looking at. I did have to use packaging tape to go over each label to prevent the labels from peeling off. In addition to this, I added a G or A to all four sides of the box near the label to tell us whether the box would be going into the garage or into the apartment. This could easily be changed to different letters like S for storage or H for house. 

Overall this system worked out great and when it came time for friends to help us, they had an easier time figuring out where a box would be going. We had a ton to stuff into our garage so it saved us a few trips up two flights of stairs with heavy items. 

I hope this helps you when you move and if you recently moved, i missed you this time around, i guess just pin it and save it for next time!