Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do You Birchbox?

I have been a Birchbox subscriber for just over a year now, so i thought i would do a review post. So many people ask me if it is really useful or if it is more of a waste of money every month. If anything, Birchbox is fun! 

Here are the pros:

  • I love getting new stuff every month. It has really expanded my horizons. Most of the stuff i don't buy regularly, but there is some stuff that i will probably order when i finish my sample size. 
  • My wallet loves that i don't finish samples all that quickly! I have not purchased anything in the last year. 
  • Though i have yet to do this, reviews can equal points. Points equal free stuff. Every 100 points = $10. I have no idea why i have not reviewed anything in the last year. I gotta make sure i do this! 
  • Great customer service! The people over at Birchbox have always been great about letting you know if your next box will be late or even when it is on it's way! Last month, my box magically disappeared and they gave me points and did not charge me for the next box! Woo hoo FREE! 
  • Some items are regular sized! Love this! 
  • I have actually begun to use some stuff on a regular basis! Here's stuff that is straight from my make up bag! 
  • I constantly have new perfume! Love that and there has only bee one that i have not really liked! 
  • They are creative with their themes for each box! Love that! 

Here are the cons:

  • I hate waiting for boxes to come in the mail. Being on the west coast and the fact that the boxes are shipped from the east coast, can stink! 
  • I have ended up with a bag filled with stuff! Check it out!

  • Some items are not preferred  For example, I got blush this month and I am not really a blush wearer! I looks pretty... but i probably won't wear it much! But again it will come in handy when i need blush! 
  • Some items are kind of obscure. I am not a huge beauty buff, so some items i hold up and wonder if it is for hair or skin or who knows what?!? 
  • I have saved all my empty boxes but i have yet to figure out what to do with them. I think they would make some great gift boxes, but yet again have yet to find a gift to give that will fit! So, alas, i have many empty Birchboxes! 
I think that sums up my experience. Over the last month I have scheduled and rescheduled this post! I was really trying to determine if i was going to continue to subscribe to Birchbox. I got my March box (shown below) and I am still torn, though i do love getting real mail in the mail. I feel like maybe i could try something else, or i could continue and then do some reviews to work my way up to some free products! Hmm .... so much to ponder on this great hump day! 

Do you subscribe to a beauty box of sorts? If so, do share! I would love to hear about one that you love! 

Before i sign off for the day... don't forget to enter the giveaway going on over at Meg's blog!