Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happies and Crappies 3.8.13

Gonna add this link up to the Friday rotation! 

Have you seen it? 

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Here goes! 


1. My birthday is this weekend! I will be 33! What better day to go to Disneyland than that?!? Dinner out with some friends and relaxing! So it is sure to be fun! 
2. A somewhat calm work week was just what I needed! 

3. Learning about Kimochi! It is a social emotional development program! I loved learning about it and really am hoping that my school will invest! 
Check out this YouTube video! That lady came and talked with us about the program! 
4. Thinking I might be investing in some NEEDED new shoes this weekend! DSW here I come! 
5. Gonna go and look at a couple new properties with our realtor on Saturday too! I get a bit excited looking at places. It seems like it is getting close but yet so far away from making offers and buying a home! 


1. It's Friday.. that means a rough and hectic day in my classroom for sure! 
2. Hubs and I decided that we will not be taking our annual birthday trip to Arizona for Spring Training this year because we care more about saving money and buying a house this year! So, I am a bit bummed about my birthday and not being able to go to a baseball game! Missing the Angels for sure! 
3. Taxes. Need I say more? 
4. Still living in an apartment. I know i should be grateful for a roof over my head, and I am truly grateful, but all this house shopping and browsing over the internet really makes me want a house that we can make a home sooner rather than later!  

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Oh and have a great weekend!