Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Thursday: Childhood Memory

Yet another Random Thursday .... waaa waaa waaa
The topic for the week:


Ok so i am going to consider under 18 as childhood! 
If you disagree then maybe we can have a chat about age! 

I am gonna have to see if i can dig for some photos... hold on... i'll be right back! 

I'm back! And just like i thought, I do not have any pictures handy to share with you. Sad face! 
(For the record.... I am super tired and so much to do before bed tonight!) 

So, my one favorite memory from my childhood was an entire trip to Europe with my church during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school in 1997!

We went to 4 different countries in 2 weeks and it was awesome! 

Here are some places we saw:

(Pictures were obviously found elsewhere!)

Ignore the person on the bike, that is not me, but i was there once!

It was so hot when we were here! I remember thinking "can this tour be over?" Stinks that i didn't listen more carefully! 

By bus we traveled through Italy and got to see Assisi, Florence and Milan! 


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Along with the places that we traveled to, it really was an awesome tip with a great group of friends! I am even still friends with some of the people i traveled with! It was definitely a combination between the places and the people to make this memory a great one! 

So, what was your favorite childhood memory? 
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