Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog World Tizzy

The blog world has been in a bit of a tizzy the last week or so all due to Google announcing that Google Reader will be discontinued as of July 1st. Many are pretty terrified that this mean the Google Friend Connect will be disappearing soon as well. Google has not made any announcement of this, but they seem to leave it pretty vague. 

My conclusion: I think maybe at some point Google MAY discontinue GFC, but it doesn't seem to be in the near future. Even if Google did do that, it seems that they would have another (maybe better) option available to bloggers. In my opinion there are other options out there, for following blogs as well as having followers of your own blog. 

Here is what I use: 

This is a great app to read a bunch of blogs in one spot. I use this on my iPad everytime i read and comment on blogs. Very rarely do i comment on blogs from my computer. Actualy i take hat back ... I do use my pc to comment when I am checking a link up i participated in. Then i open multiple windows to check out a few of the other bloggers who linked up! Either way, this is a great way to follow! It is free for the first 60 blogs and then it is $24 a year. I used it for a few months without paying for it and then finally decided i would grow up and pay the $2 a month for the year! (Note: It is actually a $24 fee not $2 every month!) 

Check out the blog too! I learned that this is ONE creator who is helping bloggers and followers alike to follow some great blogs! 

I also use what many are switching to to follow some of their favorite blogs: Bloglovin'
Follow on Bloglovin
I have been connected with Bloglovin' for a while, but I guess now is as good a time as any to use my Bloglovin' profile! So, i have imported all the blogs i follow through Google Reader into my Bloglovin profile. I was as easy as PIE! So all my blogs are ready for following! Give it a try!

Oh and while I am at it, here are a few link ups to get your Bloglovin profile out there!


This one will be changing to the "Friend Connect Blog Hop" in light of the recent announcement!

Happy Kids, Inc

Bloglovin' Hop!

I will be co-hosting that last blog hop in June! 
Hope this post helped to provide a little perspective! The most important thing rally is to NOT panic! I am more than positive that bloggers will figure it out... after all, i think we are all pretty smart!