Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 v.3.15.13

Time to link up for my High 5 and I am also linking with the Doddle Bugs!

Sunday was my birthday and it was a GREAT day! 
The morning began with a yummy breakfast at home and then my hubby helped me cook for the week! It took so much less time that it truly was a treat! Then we went off to Disneyland and had ice cream sundaes for lunch! Yep, you read that right, FOR LUNCH! Then we went on a few rides (Matterhorn, Snow White, and Pirates) and headed for the car! Then it was off to a great dinner with another couple! It was great to spend time with great friends! Oh and I can't forget the Italian food! Yum! 

I needed a couple new pairs of shoes, but instead i got three! (Normally i do not buy this many pairs in one stop!) Lily had to inspect them when we got home. I think she approves of my fashion sense! 

Birthday treats from my students and the great ladies i work with! 
It's always nice to hear what the kiddos say to you on your birthday! In my classroom, we dont always give gifts, instead we give compliments! They had sweet things to say! 

Lily had us a bit worried last weekend. She stopped eating for about 36 hours and we kind of freaked out! We realized she was a bit emotional due to seeing one too many reflections. She really stresses out over light reflecting on the walls. Anyway, she is feeling much better and back to her old eating habits. Oh, and she is definitely still getting in her share of trouble! 

This song has been so fun to listen to and really fits in with this time change bit! Loving the Randy Houser and listening to The Highway is a great treat every time i am in the car!  

What were your highlights from the week?