Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Great Ziploc Bag Toss

I've been a bit sick! 102.0 fevers are not fun! They literally are a pain in the back! 

Yesterday i was slated to post a really funny moment between hubs and I, so here goes nothing! 

On Friday night, our car needed gas and hubs and I had no reasons to leave the house other than that. I told him that we didn't have to go out (which we normally do on a Friday night). So he decided to just go get gas and then come home. I stayed home and a moment or two after he left i realized we needed more Ziploc bags from the garage. (We cannot possibly store everything we buy at Costco inside our small 1 bedroom apartment!) So i quickly went to our balcony and called down to him. He responded and then went to check inside the garage to make sure we had another box of Ziploc baggies. We did and my darling husband then attempted to throw them up to me on the balcony. 

Let me stop for a moment and state that we live in an apartment on the third floor. On.the.third.floor. 

His first throw made it to just outside my grasp and landed on the ledge just below our railing. Again, out of my grasp. I then knocked it off the ledge using a hanger and told my darling husband maybe he should just carry it up when he returned from getting gas. 

Nope, not the way my darling husband works. 
He, of course tried again. And then a third time, it did not come close. 
He tried again. And this time the box popped when it hit the side of our building and Ziploc bags rained down everywhere while my husband cheerfully giggled and laughed at himself. I too laughed and then quickly walked inside so he would not be tempted to try again. He went and got gas and returned with a box of baggies that had burst. 

It was a good laugh for the both of us and it sure was our excitement for the night! I thought i would share the excitement!  
How are your Friday nights normally? 
BTW No Ziploc bags were harmed in the writing of this post or even in the story. Every bag was saved.