Thursday, February 21, 2013

H54F 2.24.13

Whew! What a week this has been! Between sickness hitting our household and then the craziness that work and life can bring, it sure does feel like this week was a whirlwind! Oh boy! 

So, here are my high fives for the week! 
Get well notes from my kiddos. When i called out sick on Tuesday, the therapist that works with my students ditched her original plan for my kiddos and kindly had the kids think about their teacher. They all wrote get well soon notes to me. I got pictures, stickers, notes and so much love from them!On Wednesday morning when i got to work, still feeling crummy, I was so touched to read the motes and look at everything from the kids! It meant a lot! (It has been soooooo crazy since Wednesday that i keep forgetting to take a picture of thier notes!) 

My hubby and i have done so well on our diet! Woo Hoo for Carb Cycling! I will be writing a whole post on this but it hs been great thus far! i love that we are both committed to it and that we can both encourage ech other

A great weekend planned! Saturday we are headed to some fun times with some good friends and I am way excited about it! More details after the event for sure! 

Loving that my husband wants an earlier bed time lately! Usually he is such a night owl, but we have changed our night owl ways and have been hittin' the hay MUCH earlier. Loving that! Who doesn't love sleep?

Friendship. There have been a select few ladies that have lately really stood out to me in the friend department. Those of you that i talk to on a pretty regular basis, though it may not be everyday, you all mean the world to me. For example, i got a text from a friend who was somewhat familiar with my route to work. When a shooter went nuts the other morning and ended up killing himself in an intersection i pass through everyday, i got a text message from a friend making sure i was ok. Luckily, i called in sick that morning! Others have reached out and trusted me with crucial information, invited me to outings, included me in groups i love and really jsut spent time with me. It means so much! These are all people i want in my life and the life of my hubby for a long time!

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Sorry for the lack of pics this week!