Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Crush...or 2

Back to the regular routine.... 
not so random I guess! 

Today's topic:

It's true i have had a few of these. I think i can really only put my finger on two really good ones though. 

One from my youth:
That would be Joey McIntyre from good ol' NKOTB! 
I am looking at pictures now and realizing that as a young girl, i had no clue. I am even more embarrassed by this crush as i look up pictures! Wow, how times have changed! 

Here's another from more recent times:
This one i am less embarrassed by, but Matt Damon will forever be attractive in my book! I think part of it was the character he played in Good Will Hunting that initially got me, but now it's a little more than that. I will admit, i am not a huge fan of many of the Bourne movies, but i will watch them just to see him! 

Shh.... don't tell hubs! 

Do you have any funny and embarrassing celebrity crushes? 
So share!