Monday, February 11, 2013


I found another one. 

It's not like a spot, zit, or a stain, but really something that brings more joy than that. 

I posted a few days ago about my celebrity crushes. My embarrassing celebrity crushes. 

Welp, this weekend, I think i may have found another one. 
We had our date night planned. And this date night definitely included some cheat meals. (So far this has been a relief from the dieting and a welcome day of eating whatever and whenever you like.) More on the cheat meal in a minute or so... cause it cannot go unmentioned. 

So, we also had tickets to see Ira Glass

Do you know who this guy is? 
Well, he should be the face of public radio. He has been on the radio or producing stories for the radio since he was 19 years old! And his guy is in his 50s! He has made a career out of public radio! How awesome!?!? 
So basically, this man, old enough to date my mother (he's married) is my latest crush. And he is sort of a celebrity, though he recently broadcasted his doppelganger who did a great impression of him. He clearly stated in that program of This American Life that Ira "was not famous enough" for the impersonation to matter. 

Either way, he is my latest embarrassing celebrity crush! 
Maybe it's his humor. 
Or maybe its his intelligence. 
I know it's not his religion. (I just read that he is an atheist.)
Maybe it's the way he puts words and thoughts together on the radio. 
Or maybe it's his horn-rimmed glasses. 
Whatever it is, I was smitten the moment he walked out onto a dark stage. 

In my opinion, you all need to go see Ira.
He's great! 
PS Here is my food porn from the weekend! Crepes! 

Sorry the pics are a bit dark. I tried to adjust them a bit but I did not want a flash going off in a cute restaurant like La Creperie! Um, one word should be said about our experience, YUMMMMMM!!!!