Thursday, February 7, 2013

Letters to Friday 2.8.12

Dear Friday - it took me until today to realize that this week went by so quickly! Do me a favor help me out a bit with next week... make it go quick! I'll even help you out a bit, I have Monday off! Can't wait to see you next week too! You are so much sweeter when we have back to back thee day weekends! 

Dear February - Thank God for your celebration of our former presidents! 

Dear Autism Authorization - I love that i can sit in my jammies and learn, but do you really need so many lessons? I have set a goal to finish you once and for all by June! I better get crackin', so be ready to spend some time with me! 

Dear Housing Market - Please be kind, I want a house NOW! 

Dear Chris Powell - Your book has changed our life. We are both down at least 5 lbs! Thanks for the Carb Cycle Plan! Love that i get to cheat, but also that the food has been great! 

Dear Hubs - I can't wait to go house shopping with you! And boy, can i not wait until we own our own house! I will be so stinking excited on the day we get keys! Way excited about that, but also excited for our date night! Oh and, that pic of us at your company Christmas party turned out great! 
PS. Cheat day is coming and losing weight with you has been fun! 

Dear Ira Glass - Um, I'm smitten and cannot wait ot see you on Saturday night. Thanks to a friend who knew of my love for your show, I get to come and see you live. Holy cow! I am a little excited, to say the least! 

Dear Followers, new and old - I am so blessed to have you around on my little blog! I cannot believe that this blog has hit over 200 followers! Wowie! Thanks for all the comments, thoughts, and following. I'm definitely glad to have every follower around, so really thanks to you ALL! 

Dear Lily - Even though you have grown so much and you are losing all your kitten-y looks, I still see that same cute kitten that we brought home in August! You were only six week old then and still, i get so excited to come home to you! It's even better when i can see you in the window waiting and watching all that goes on! 

Dear Bed - I wish i could be tucked in and warm under the covers by this time more than one time a week from now on! What's that you say? Oh you're calling my name... I will be there soon! 

Dear Natalie - Wondering if you will see my little shout out! Happy Birthday my friend! I am so blessed to work with you. It really means a lot to have the support that i receive from you and I am truly blessed to have you to work with! Thank you for all that you do to help our students. Thank you for being there to hear frustrations, successes, and just get feedback from. It's been awesome working with you this year! 

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