Monday, February 25, 2013

10 on Tuesday 2.26.13

I decided i liked the Ten on Tuesday post... here's mine for the week. 

I have the bunco part taken care of but I am not sure my bunco group is all about the drinking! 
Loved this cartoon none the less!

Any home that my husband and I see right now really just makes us want to have a house! Our "researching" is taking its toll on both of us. But it must be done! 

Body pillows tend to take over a bed. And so do husbands! 

I think that AshLee is gonna win on The Bachelor. I really like her and think she and Sean make a cute couple. He deserves a good girl and she deserves a gentleman! Good luck to you Sean and who ever you choose! 

Uh, just heard on the news that the person who did the voice for Charlie Brown was in jail. And for stalking his ex-girlfrined? I love though that the judge set the bail to high for him to get out! I guess he hasn't made as much money as one would think. Two words for that guy: work much? 

This = amazing!
So talented!

That flu that is going around is quite gnarly! Avoid it a all cost. If you haven't avoided it, take m advice: 

Buy a box of this stuff to save yourself just a little! 

Jennifer Gardner - i loved your dress choice! 

For the record, my husband and i will be watching all of the best picture nominees next year. And then we will watch the entire Academy Awards ceremony! This year all that we saw was Silver Lining's Playbook, which we both LOVED! 

I cannot get enough of these videos of kids! 
WARNING: This is a long video!,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGD75EYRTOdj7ExhmhjH0cZMUloWg&ust=1361929501053692

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