Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Thursday: Ridiculous Fears

This one is taking a little more thought. 
I definitely have a few fears. 

It's a good thing, 'cause that is the topic for this week's Random Thursday post! (See the graphic below?)
Go see other ridiculous fears by clicking the button below! Who knows, maybe you will gain a fear you never had? Might be fun right?

Chicken on the bone
I do not like to see remnants of what the animal once was when i am eating it. I especially do not want to see veins in my food. It freaks me out and I have worked really really hard to enjoy my wings. I love the idea of boneless wings and think that they made them just for people like me. I never clean the bone and you will never see me sucking the bones for marrow. I cannot think about this fear when eating chicken wings. I will not be able to enjoy anything else after! 

Enough said. 
(I wont even post a picture of this animal on my blog)

Getting rear ended on the freeway. 
It happened once and i swear if i check my rear view mirror incessantly, that i wont get rear ended again. Traffic especially freaks me out. If ever behind me, please don't rear end me. 

That i will get "Grandma's Second Wave"
You know how your fourth grade teacher used to wave good-bye and then her arm jiggled underneath her wave? Yeah that's grandma's second wave. I don't want it, especially as a teacher. 

Breaking a bone
I have never, not ever broken a bone and it COMPLETELY terrifies me! 
I have been known to say once or twice that I wouldn't ski because i was terrified i would break a bone. This is truly ridiculous! 

Do you have any ridiculous fears?