Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Thursday: Queen for a Day

... is the topic for the Random Thursday link up this week! 

I am excited about this one! 
Oh boy! 

So if i was queen for a day... here is a list of activities I would love to partake in: 
(Remember: when you are a queen money is no object, right?)

1. I would begin my day with a pedicure. 
2. Follow that up with a massage and I am ready to face the day for sure!
3. A little furniture shopping where i can pick whatever I want and not be concerned with the price! 
4. Close escrow on a house. This queen definitely wants her own castle and not a one bedroom apartment. 
5. Mario Batali would cook for me all day and the calories would not count AT ALL! 
6. I would buy a new bag. This one will do. 
7. A queen needs shoes, so why not fin 2 or 10 new pairs? 
8. Oh and I would hit up all my favorite stores. This queen would shop at Target, Old Navy, The Loft, Gap, Victoria's Secret, and a few online shops! 

I think that would make for a very full day! 
My day as queen would be awesome! 

Go see what others would do if they were queen for the day!