Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It's a day before Valentine's Day! 

I am not a huge fan of this holiday, however it is fun to have an evening out and relax. 

My hubs and I did our Valentine's Day celebrating this last Saturday. It was definitely a night that reminded me of why I love him. One date can do that! It's why dating within marriage is so crucial! 

So here are a few of my observations from our date night, all of them are reasons I love my husband:

He is really funny! 
We laughed a bunch on Saturday night! I love going out and having a good laugh together  He is really talented in this area. It can be the simplest thing and he can get me laughin'!

I can rely on him. 
Honestly, where i saw this on Saturday was when I didn't have to drive at night. I do not prefer to drive into unfamiliar areas and lately i know when i go into unfamiliar places i get a bit anxious. Yes, I know i am turning into an old lady. Set in my ways. Either way, my hubs is a great and trusted person to lean on in several other situation as well. He definitely is someone i can depend upon. If anything is wrong, he is there! 

Simple and easy things are made great with him by my side! 
We go out to eat here and there and it really doesn't matter where we go. I feel like it's a fun date any time we go out. I may not always enjoy errands with him (it takes him forever to pick the simplest of things out) but truly it is nice ot have his opinion at times. I especially enjoy grocery shopping and clothing shopping with my hubs! I am sure furniture shopping can be added to the list soon! 

He cares for me. 
It can be really easy to overlook things that he does for me, but I try to make an effort to acknowledge all that my sweet hubby does for me. He helps with the cleaning, he handles our finances, he provides for us, and leads our household. He helps calm my fears and encourages me when i am frustrated or discouraged. He leads us in our spiritual life. He is my strong and courageous man who I love ot have by my side. 
When i married my hubby, it was the best decision that i could have made. He has changed my life in many ways and I cannot wait for the "future" with him. There are truly so many reasons why i love this guy and having a future with someone by my side that i can laugh with, share memories, and care for just enhances my life in so many ways. 

This link up is my excuse for making this blog filled with what i love about my husband! 
Why I Love My Husband  

Hey, it's Valentine's Day, well almost! 
Why do you love your husband or significant other? 

PS. Tomorrow I will be sharing a fun interview that my hubby participated in. It had me rolling, but i am for sure going to have to edit out certain parts. We will see if his humor still shows up on the blog tomorrow!