Sunday, May 12, 2013

Currently Wanting a House

I've be late to this party before, but of course here is my monthly currently! 

So here's some explanation to go with that super cute graphic! 
I decided while we are forced to watch hooked on Netflix  why not watch this show from the beginning. I never got it and I was always told that if you watched from the beginning it would all make sense. So far, I agree! One episode down and something like 159 to go! 

My mom is super skinny lately and I am not! However, i have lost enough to fit into her old pants! She had some white jeans that i have actually been wanting and I fit! Yahoo for free pants! 

This house shopping thing has been so tough. It can bee really stressful and heartbreaking but yet exciting and exhilarating all that the same time. It is nerve racking and sad, expensive and scary. Too many emotions to count! We both just really want to own a place of our own like NOW! 

Yep, just want to be in our house ... no explanation needed there! 

I watched a movie called Breaking Upwards and really enjoyed it! Hubby is napping which makes him happy too and then we both have some down time. Super nice! 

MY summer bucket list: 
1. I want to read a bunch!
2. Lord willing we will find a place and we will getto move while I am on summer break or even while I am still teaching summer school! 
3. Time with family and friends. And who knows if we are moving into a house that needs work it might meanthat we are spending time together working on our house! We will see how it all goes! 

Ok that's my curently... off to go follow the rule of three and see what others gals are doing! 
Check em out with me! 

Happy Monday!