Monday, May 6, 2013

Whimsy in My Speakers

Maybe you have seen this gal on someone else's blog, but today I have been given the great pleasure of reviewing an artist and not just any other girl! 
Rebecca Roubion
 is a fresh new voice that has a whimsical sense about her. Her music is relaxing and refreshing  While it may not have been something i would have chosen to listen to on my own, it has been nice to keep on and her son "Love Me Now" seems to keep getting stuck in my head! This is a tough thing to do, as i usually have so much country on that a new song that is not played on the radio rarely gets caught in my head! Check out her video for the catchy tune:

When i like a song, I try to really get behind the music. I like to learn about why a song was written and what the meaning is behind the lyrics. So, while googling Rebecca's lyrics, I learned that she wrote this song to talk about that feeling you get when you are first in love, but not even really in love yet! knowing this makes the song seem sweeter! 

Anyway, i am talking all about this song, but I am also here to share Rebecca's NEW (as in just released today!!!) album "Forests."  I have listened to it a bit and can't wait to have a few of her songs stuck in m head!

Confession: While i love this new album, i also love that Rebecca's newer stuff is just the tip of the iceberg! She has some really great songs and it makes me really excited for what is to come! Yes, i was asked to review her music and have totally fallen in love with her take on life and love.

I hope you might check out this girly! She really has some talent and who knows, maybe someday you will say heard her music on this blog first!