Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Couldn't Do It

Shh.... don't tell a soul! 
So many secrets to hide and yet today's random Thursday topic is one I am having difficulty with. 

you're meaghan me crazy

Here's why:
Yes, there are things that i have not completely shared with the blogosphere but that is only in an effort to not have my personal life COMPLETELY broadcasted over the inter-web  So instead of divulging what i really could tell you and what you will probably know in due time, I am going to be completely honest and spare you some farce of a "secret" that i have deemed a secret for now and only because that is the topic of the day. 

Why would i still ink up? 
I think this is a good opportunity to share what blogging is to me. Besides, I typically do this link up without hesitation and its late and i did not realize the topic until a few moments ago. 
Blogging is an outlet. A place where I can share parts of me. But we also have to keep in mind how inundated we are by social media. Let's face it, i don't want something I post to come back and bite me in the behind! I am a teacher and I have students, special though they are, I truly think they are computer savvy enough to figure things out one day! I don't want them or their parents to find out something that I truly only want my family and close friends to know. Better yet, I wouldn't want to jeopardize the feeling of my loved one, my career, well being, livelihood or otherwise just for the sake of entertaining my followers! As a blogger, this can be a very fine line, though some really create a hard and fast line with what they post and share with the world. 

So there's my secret... I keep secrets! 
Well, that is, I am create boundaries to protect myself and those I love. 

How do you feel about secrets being posted on the internet?
Have you ever found out something on Facebook or other social media that you wished you had heard from the person instead? 

PS. Lin, Em and Meg - don't hate me for not divulging anything juicy!