Thursday, May 2, 2013

h&c for the week

I am in a "speak from the heart" blase sort of mood, though i should be prety stoked to go to the Angel game tonight (I am obviously writing on Thursday!). Due to my mood and lack of creativity, it is definitely a Happies and Crappies post! Though i fear my crappies will outweigh my happies this week... 

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


one - A funeral mid-week is weird and sad. It was an emotional and long day. It's also extremely odd to be out of work mid week and then go back for two more days of work! 

two - My classroom is NUT-SO! I have gotten yet another new student and have officially maxed out. There are no more tiny desks to put those hinneys in! This kids are in total upheaval and all my aides and i can do is try to maintain as much as possible! Oh Geez! Its been a rough week to say the least! 

three - I have not worked out this week! Between funeral events, tonight's surprise baseball game (with seats we could not refuse) and just general home shopping time constraints. I have not made it to the gym! Ugh! Why does that seem to happen when you need it the most!? 

four -  I am way behind on my Autism Authorization program! Ugh gotta get on it for sure!

five - The housing market needs to get better for first time home buyers in Orange County, like now! I just want a house where we can stay for 5-7 years that is not in a bad part of town! The inventory of homes here in this county stinks! 


one - We made our first offer on a house! AS scary and overwhelming
 as it was, it was still nice to be able to say we could do it! And no, our offer was not accepted. On to something better! 

two - Seeing my husband's family was good. It is always nice to see those that are considered family! 

three - I love watching my friends children grow up! We went to a one year old's party this past weekend and loved seeing her dig into her cake! Her mom (And dad too!) threw a great party! Check out the cute banner this crafty lady made! Oh and have i mentioned that this mama started a blog! I love her sass and her truthfulness! Check her out here! (This is soooooo totally my way of maybe getting her to write more than one post!)

four - Going to a baseball game with my hubby and sitting in a SUITE! Wowie! Check out my instagram to see updated pictures! 

Well, i guess i was correct when i said the crappies are more than the happies. Regardless of the rough stuff, I am still happy and it was just a crummy week in this bee's life! Hope you all had a great week!