Monday, May 13, 2013

A Bad Hair Day ... No More!

Washing my hair can be quite the chore. I have wavy/curly/frizzy and sometimes dry hair. I also have long hair. I straighten my hair on a daily basis, but over the years i have perfected a schedule that really helps me to keep my locks under control. While i know my schedule is not for everyone, I thought i would share my general routine while also giving some tips for creating a schedule you can live by! Or better yet that can help your hair fly free! 

What I Do:

Hair Washing Nights: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, can go 2-3 days without washing without looking greasy! (This is important!)
Drying Routine: Air dry at night and tie in a pony tail for bed, rarely use the blow dryer 

Straightening Routine: Wednesday morning, Friday morning, and Saturday day or Monday morning are when i separate my hair into parts and straighten each layer of hair, beginning from the nape of my neck and then all the way up to my bangs!

I use a dry shampoo when needed. 
I also tailor my hair washing to my workout schedule.  
I use a shower cap on a regular basis! 
I sleep with my hair in a pony tail that is half way pulled through the hair tie. 

A few notes: I work out regularly on Tuesday & Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings. This is why   wash my hair on those same nights. My Thursday night washing is so close to my Saturday workout that I can get away with not washing of Saturday, if I want. I can also chose to wash my hair so I don't have to wake up Monday and spend a little extra time on my hair. 

So that's my routine! I know this may not work for everyone, but, it has really helped me to keep a routine and I helps me on those nights where I just dont feel like washing my hair! I feel like my time is made free just because I don't have to wash my hair every night! 

PS. Pictured above are some of the products I use. I use a Jilebere by Paris straightener that has concave plates. This only means that I can curl my ends if it like! I use Redken Soft Shampoo and Conditioner, which i love. And then I use the moisturizing version of Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. Many have said that this leave the hair really powdery, but i have not found this to be the case. It could be that this product I happened to choose, really works for my hair but it also could be that others may not have as oily hair or whatever. Regardless, this works for me! I have also heard that baby powder can word just as well!