Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Thursday: Christmas Wishes

Wow! I am so off this week! 
My hubs was out of town early monday morning until late on Tuesday night. I took advantage of the alone time and tried to get a bunch of stuff done. Yep, that's right i did not really relax. I did an insane amount of laundry, prepard meals for the week and packed a few boxes while also getting donations ready (again)! Needless to say, my mind has not been on Christmas AT. ALL. 

I even got an email from my sister asking what we wanted for Christmas... i quickly gave standard answers like clothes and gift cards .... but here are some more specifics. Thank goodness for Random Thursday! 

Here's this weeks topic:

Gift Cards
For the future home....
And for the wardrobe...

A Hulu and/or a a Netflix gift card wouldnt be that bad either! 
(When we move to this next apartment, we will be ditching Direct TV! Hello Roku!)

A New Fabric Shower Cap
I love the one i have and can't find one here in the US that i have to have. Maybe my sister will read my blog and maybe purchase a cool/cute one for me again! 

Size 7.5 please! 
Any color, but i sure do love these beauties! 
And some more wardrobe ideas on my Christmas wish list! 

Love this sweater and the bag isnt bad either! 

Source: via Simone on Pinterest
I love the sweater and the belt combo! Must do this! 

I am sure i could add to this list, but that's enough for now.... 
Oh and did i mention that a moving fairy would be nice too!