Thursday, December 13, 2012

Friday is here! Wahoo!

Dear Friday, I'm glad you're here! The week has zipped by and I am hoping next week will be the same!

Dear Moving Boxes, please pack and in pack yourselves! Thanks!

Dear One Step Ministry, I am so glad we could hand off so much of what we no longer need! I really hope what we gave you will be used! Thank you for taking approx 5 large bags of our clothes, some old housewares, and various other items! It means a lot to us that we could unload that stuff an make sure it as going to a good place!

Dear Sweet Lily, how I love you! This week it as so nice to spend a night with just you and me! I know we missed the boy being home, but I also glad I had you to share the apartment with! It meant a bunch that you climbed up on my lap after a long hard day in our seemingly empty home! I also love that i had you to share the bed with! Thanks for keeping me company! 
Dear Hubby, I am so glad you are home! It was hard not having you to welcome me home, help with heavy lifting, encourage me, and just be there to keep me company! I missed you for sure and love having you home! Also, I pretty much can't believe that that was our first night apart in the last 2 years and 4 months of marriage! I love you! And so does Lily!

Dear Readers, I have so enjoyed the comment love lately, I am normally really great about repsponding once a week to all your thoughts, however, lately, packing boxes has taken priority. Your comments, kind words, questions and blogger love have not been ignored. My responses are merely on hold for now! 

Dear Students, I love you all, but stop being obnoxious! Be warned that Evie will be sharing with Santa how much grey hair you are creating for your teacher!
I hope you all have a lovely Friday! Go check out all the other wonderful Friday letters!