Monday, December 3, 2012

Just a Little Elf

I am trying something new in my classroom this year. 
Yep, that's right, that little elf we have seen all over Pinterest, Instagram, and heard people chatting about around the water cooler, has made its way into my classroom! 

Today we read the book and I was SHOCKED! I did not have a single child who said "I don't believe in Santa!" This has me thinking that this curious little elf just might work. 

Our little elf's name is Evie and today we welcomed her into our classroom. I am not sure how it went over because i had to step out for an IEP, but i am hoping it went well! Either way I am hoping to update yo all every week about Evie and her whereabouts in my classroom. It should be fun! I have a few non-mess making  less mischievous ideas for her location! 

For those that don't know: There are hundreds of elves that make their way into the homes of children to help Santa check his list. The elves report back nightly and before the children wake up the elf finds a new spot. Half the fun is finding the elf in a new spot every day. The trick is that the elf cannot be touched! Or else it will loose all its magic! 

So in the coming 2+ weeks you will see an update of all of Evie's adventures! Let's hope my kiddos believe and that they have a little bit of Christmas cheer! 

Have you tried the Elf on the Shelf with your kids? 
Have you ever used it in a classroom setting? 
PS. I know many people are anti-elf! I see their point, however this is one way that i am hoping may coax excellent behavior out of the kiddos! I may even spread a little Christmas cheer!