Thursday, December 6, 2012

H54F 12.7.12

Haven't counted my High Fives in a while.... Here they are from the last couple weeks.

Bunco with a great group of ladies. I am not a part of the group but they really are friendly and welcoming. Someday i hope to form a group or join a great one like the two i have subbed in! 

dinner out at Mimi's with our life group was great! I know it is hard to meet every week, but truth is, every time we end another season of group, I begin to miss these people! It really is nice to meet with a bunch of people every week! Life can get too busy, but having a group like this truly helps to feel like you have a home base! 

Apartment FOUND! 
Looking forward to getting the big move over with and the packing has definitely begun! Stay tuned for a post on how i am determined to keep this move OR-GAN-IZED!

Hubby is finally diagnosed! 
After several days with severe pain, my hubs went to a follow up appointment with our family doctor. Finally he has been diagnosed with shingles! Ugh! 
So glad he is diagnosed and now has received some help for the pain!
Go HERE for more info on shingles!  

Friends and Family
These people we have in our lives have really come through for us lately. Whether it is offering to help us move, stating that they are glad we are in their lives, someone who will listen, someone who will check in with us, or even just taking the time to listen to us. They are really phenomenal people! All of them! We are so glad to have great people in out lives. 

That is my High Five for the week... or the last two! 
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